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BMW M4 Coupe Competition

Hello, everyone. It's me, Yakata.
For our fifth Future Lab News, I will talk about Limited Edition Car Events!

For the Limited Edition Car Event, the new BMW M4 will make its debut.

A BMW is a symbolic car, but the kidney grille is undeniably iconic. It's so cool!
The power that is obvious at a glance... Personally, it appeals to my masculine frivolity. (One of our new game designers that was in charge of a portion of 6RR drives a 335i. It's awesome...)

As a surprise for @Sora, we had him do a time attack test drive for a video shoot.
It came as quite a shock. The video is planned to be available with the event.
Please look forward to the event!

The car body colors are:
Sao Paulo yellow, Isle of Man green,
Portimao blue, Toronto red,
alpine white, Brooklyn grey,
and black sapphire.
These are all 7 colors. Collect all of the colors and receive a new meter.

By the way, if one races in a VS mode with specific matching cars, you can receive a title. With this new update you can also receive titles, when you do things like race with differing BMW M Series or get first place with all M4s.
Get an M4 at the event and add it to your collection of beloved cars!

In addition, the GR Supra limited edition car event is also planned to release in the Asia/Oceania region as well.
It took some time after the Japanese version, but please look forward to that as well!

See you later!

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