Online Events Information

Limited Edition Car Event

Event Period 2022/1/27 - 2/28
Requirements - Play the game 20 times during the event to receive one GR SUPRA RZ.
*The body color will be randomly selected from 8 colors. You will not receive a duplicate of a color you've already obtained.

Collect all colors of the limited edition cars
and receive a limited edition race meter

*To collect your limited edition race meter select "Accept Special Items" from a Wangan terminal unit.

*Applies to any model. Not a GR SUPRA RZ-specific item.


  • Drivetrain
  • FR
  • Transmission
  • 8 speed
  • Horsepower (initial state)
  • 340 horsepower
  • Engine
  • 3.0 liter inline-6 turbo

The 5th generation Supra, back for the first time in 17 years.
On top of a traditional FR straight-six engine, it goes all out on sports performance by including a short wheelbase, aiming for the golden ratio, a flexible and highly responsive chassis,
and an active differential that is stable going fast while moving the way you want it to.