Online Events Information

VS Other Region Ghost Event: VS Thailand has begun!

Event Period 2023/1/19 6:00 - 2/19 13:00(JST)
After-hours Festival period 2023/2/19 13:00 - 3/6 3:00(JST)

You must have defeated 50 or more cars in ghost battles to participate in the event(Just 1 car on your card needs to have achieved this)

Introducing some of the items you can get in this event!

Name plate ” Thailand”


Stamp ” Galaxy”


Race meter ” Galaxy”


You can equip any new items you obtain on the screen below.

Stamp [Terminal Unit] → [My Garage] → [Select Car] → [Car Data Confirmation (Go to page 5)] → [Change Stamp]
Name Plate [Terminal Unit] → [My Garage] → [Select Car] → [Change Name Plate]
Race Meter [Terminal Unit] → [My Garage] → [Select Car] → [Car Data Confirmation (Go to page 8)]
*Race meters can also be changed via the car data confirmation screen in the driver unit.

Collect Fully-Tuned Build Ticket pieces!


Passing treasure spaces in the bonus game can give you Fully-Tuned Build Ticket pieces. Collecting a full set will give you a Fully-Tuned Build Ticket.

The Fully-Tuned Build Ticket pieces carry over to future events, so you can proceed at your own pace!

Enjoy the After-hours Festival after the event finishes, too!

During the After-hours Festival, cars that were used in the event at the same venue will get an After-hours Festival mark. Challenging them will give you bonus Dress-up Points and even bonus stamps. Capitalize on these bonuses while finding more players to send and receive stamps from!