【Updated】 Bandai Namco ID Login Requirement for Wangan Navigator Announcement

【09/05 Updated】

The next update (application version 3.3.0) will take place on September 7, 2022 (Wednesday).

【08/31 Announced】

Thank you for using Wangan Navigator.

Following the update (version 3.3.0) scheduled for September, a Bandai Namco ID may be required for logging in in some instances.

When adding a Bandai Namco Passport to Wangan Navigator

→ Bandai Namco ID login required.

If a Bandai Namco Passport is already registered (with no Bandai Namco ID)

→ After the update it will be possible to continue using the app without logging in.

If already logged in with a Bandai Namco ID

→ You may continue using the app as is.

We will notify you when the update date has been decided.
We hope that you may use this opportunity to consider creating a Bandai Namco ID.

Find more information about the Bandai Namco ID here.

Thank you for your continued support of Wangan Navigator.