Introducing the Bandai Namco ID Family Group

Thank you for using Wangan Navigator and Bandai Namco ID.
The Bandai Namco ID, which is used for identification when signing into Wangan Navigator, is introducing the new Family Group function on Thursday, 2/2/2023 to improve safety measures for children.

With this, all accounts that are used by children will be designated as a Child's Account. Until these accounts are linked with a parent or guardian's Bandai Namco ID, the account cannot be used.
After the implementation of Family Group, some necessary steps will need to be taken on the parent or guardian's account, so please do so from Thursday, 2/2/2023, or later.

*Depending on local laws, the accounts under a specified age (usually 16 to 18 years of age depending on the country) will be treated as a Child's Account. In addition, any account under the age of 13 will be recognized as a Child's Account.

*Regardless of actual age, if the Bandai Namco ID settings are incorrect or have not been registered yet, the account may be recognized as a Child's Account.

*Any accounts in the Wangan Navigator that are already logged will generally be able to be used as is.

*Find out more information about Family Group in the URL below.

*Confirm your age settings via, > (Sign In) > (Basic Information)
and confirm your date of birth.

*If you have any questions, contact support via the following link for more information.

*If this is hard to read, show this to someone in your home.

We hope you continue enjoy Wangan Navigator and Bandai Namco ID.