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On Saturday, November 8 we had our first event after Wangan 5's operation began overseas in Sydney, Australia.
Now I'd like to report on how it went.

The development team members came from Japan to Sydney to meet everyone for this event. This was the first time they've been in Australia!

The climate in Sydney is the opposite of Japan and the air there was crisp and dry. It felt great!
Even the developers who have been to other countries in Asia were surprised by the difference in the city's atmosphere."

This was our first event in Australia.
We wondered if there were really going to be Wangan Max players there. And would they come to the event?
We waited in the venue, anxious and anticipating, until the reception began.

The event was held at 2 pm on November 18. The venue a bar in the same building. It was a very snappy spot.

The reception started.
Many Wangan fans came rushing over in the characteristic sunny and clear Sydney weather.

The event started with the talk show with the developers!
In the question section, Producer Maeda put on a perplexing one-man show in response to the keen questions from the players.

Then there was exhibition matches with the developers.
Producer Maeda and Takenaka had intense races against players chosen by raffle!
Just as we expected, everyone is really skilled!
Midway, there was even a rare occurrence where Producer Maeda actually won.

10th anniversary towels, t-shorts, Banapassport cards and much more were given out in the Wangan goods present lottery.

At the end of the event we gathered everyone together for a commemorative photo and had an autograph session.

So many people came together and really kicked off this event.
After this the Wangan team will be leaving for different countries to meet all of our fans. We hope you're looking forward to it!