Game Modes

Story Mode

What is a Story Mode?

Story Mode is where the original characters from the comic appear as your rivals in the story.

Your mission in story mode is to race against these characters and defeat them. In addition, one of the features of this game is "Tuning (Step-Up)." Being able to tune your car (step-up) is a feature of Story Mode.

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Story Mode proceeds as follows:

Episodes 1 - 10: The Return of Devil the Z

This is based on the story written in Wangan Midnight comics, volumes 1 to 3.
This the story of how "Akio," "Reina," "Black Bird" and "Ishida" got to know each other and the origin story of Devil Z.

Episodes 11 - 15: Perfect GT-R

This is based on the story written in Wangan Midnight comics, volumes 3 to 5.
You'll experience an ultra high-speed Wangan line battle with Hiramoto and Harada.

Episodes 16 - 20: The Akasaka Straight

This is based on the story written in Wangan Midnight comics, volumes 5 to 8.
This part of the story focuses on a battle with the ex-metropolitan highway runner, "Masaki." Can you reach 300 km/h on the tricky C1 inbound course?

Episodes 21 - 30: Monster Machine

This is based on the story written in Wangan Midnight comics, volumes 8 to 13.
Enjoy the wild driving and wild stories of the tuners who are crazy about "Keiichiro Aizawa's" Supra.

Episodes 31 - 40: R200 Club

This is based on the story written in Wangan Midnight comics, volumes 13 to 16.
Race against members of the "R200 Club" and witness admire "Kuroki's" passion for the 33R

Episodes 41 - 50: Hanshin Circular Line

This is based on the story written in Wangan Midnight comics, volumes 16 to 20.
Take part in a race against Eiji Kamiya, a racer from Osaka who drives a Lancer Evolution. Don't miss this race on the Hanshin Expressway Circuit.

Episodes 51 - 60: The legendary FC

This is based on the story written in Wangan Midnight comics, volumes 20 to 24. Join a race with "Kijima," who will show you his obsession with the FC3S type RX-7, a "classic" car.

What is a Story Tuning?

Acquire Tuning Points by winning against the original comic characters in the Story Mode. Perform Tuning when you've filled up your point bar.


There are two types of tuning: 1: Power, which increases the car's maximum speed and its ability to accelerate. 2: Handling, which increases the car's ability to turn corners. You can create your own unique car with its unique performance style.

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Tuning performed after the 21st episode will allow you to alter the tune bar that is acquired after that episode before the race in each game mode. Players will be able to test out the car's performance and will be able to test out their setting.


Clear the 20th episode of the Story Mode to reach 600 HP, and clear the 50th episode to reach 800 HP. To reach the maximum HP of 830, clear the 59th episode,

List of Power Tuning options until Episode 20.

1.Attach Boost Controller
Allows you to set the turbo boost pressure as you like. The factory settings for a turbo car are set to a boost pressure with margins. Get more power by setting the boost pressure to a higher value than stock within the boost margins.
(1).Attach Turbine Kit
Attach accessories such as a turbo to an NA engine. Turbos are indispensable for racing in Wangan. Get more power by getting some boost pressure.
*Only available for some car models
2.Replace Muffler
Increase your exhaust efficiency by replacing your muffler with a thicker one with less restriction. Get more power by reducing the exhaust resistance, and get the extra benefit of a more aggressive exhaust tone.
3.Replace Air Filter
Increase your intake efficiency by replacing the air filter with one that has less flow resistance. Get more power by making the engine able to suck in more air at once.
4.Replace ECU
Overwrite the software that controls the engine. Get more power by optimizing the ignition timing and fuel injection timing.
5.Replace Intercooler
The temperature of the air compressed by the turbo increases over time. Lower the intake air temperature by converting to a larger intercooler. Get more power by increasing the air density through minimization of the air temperature.
6.Attach Piping Kit
Resin intake piping expands when the boost pressure increases. Minimize boost pressure loss and get more power by replacing piping made from materials that don't expand easily (such as aluminum) with a pipe where the intake air can flow.
7.Replace Turbine
Replace your turbine with a larger one. Get more power by choosing one that can run at an even higher boost pressure.
8.Replace Exhaust Manifold
This is a part that sends the exhaust gas that comes out of the engine to the turbine. Replace it with one that has an optimum shape and thickness for sending exhaust pressure to the turbine efficiently. Get more power by minimizing the exhaust pressure loss.
9.Fully Balance Engine
Reduce the unevenness of the engine's rotation by precisely aligning the weight of the movable parts inside the engine (especially the pistons). It also allows it to run to the high-rev range more easily. Get more power by minimizing the friction losses of the entire engine.
10. Reset ECU
Overwrite the software that controls the engine again. Get more power by resetting the ignition timing and fuel injection timing to the optimum level for the accessories that you've changed from stock, such as the turbine.

List of Handling Tuning options until Episode 20.

1.Replace Brake Pads
Replace the brake pads with ones that have a higher friction coefficient. Brake later before entering corners because you'll be able to decelerate to a more optimum speed in a shorter distance even from high speeds.
2.Attach Stock Suspension Kit
The shape is identical to the stock suspension, but it increases cornering speeds due to its high-dampening shock absorbers and stiffer springs.
3.Attach High-Grip Tires
Replace your tires with high-grip, low-profile ones. Improve traction by improving grip and reducing tire twist.
4.Attach Tower Bar
Reduce wasteful body torsion when cornering by connecting the left and right suspension upper struts with this tower bar. Improve your handling by getting more performance out of your suspension.
5.Replace Stabilizer
Minimize wasteful body roll due to lateral G's when cornering by connecting the left and right suspensions with this U-shaped shaft. Choose a thicker shaft than stock to help improve your stability during high-speed corners.
6.Attach Adjustable Suspension Kit
Replace your springs and shock absorbers with helical-wound springs and adjustable-height shock absorbers. These are parts that will make it possible for even higher speeds while cornering due to a lower car height.
7.Replace Limited Split Differential
Replace your differential with a more effective limited slip model. More drive power is efficiently transferred to the outside tire when there is a difference in traction between the left and right tires.
8.Install Roll Cage
Increase the body's rigidity by placing iron pipes inside the car. They also play a role in protecting passengers when configured to surround the cockpit area.
9.Attach Large Diameter Brakes
Increase your braking power even more by enlarging the brake calipers and brake rotors.
10.Lighten and Increase Spot Welding
Lighten the vehicle weight by completely removing comforts such as the air conditioner. Simultaneously improve your vehicle stability by increasing the number of welding points on the car.

*For some models, "Tuning" becomes "Step-up" and its details will differ.