Game Description

What is a VS Player?

Players in the same arcade can race against each other.

How to challenge other racers?

If a player selects YES for "Accept VS" when an opponent requests a battle during gameplay, that player can play against other players at the same location.


Accept VS must be selected upon entry for players to enter another player's game. Even if a challenger has been rejected, by pressing the Accept/Reject VS button, a player can switch back to seeking opponents again.

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The racing area

The racing area will be decided by majority vote.
Select "Random" to determine a racing area randomly.


The period of time

The period of time will be decided by majority vote.

*If all players step on the brake on the period of time selection screen, a hardcore race (with no horsepower handicap) will occur.

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Branching points

There are some branching points on the courses. Just before the branching points, a panel where you can select which path to take will be displayed. The player in first place at that point decides the course for all players by selecting it from the panel.


VS Medal & VS Grade

Collecting "VS Medals" will increase your "VS Ranking".

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There are 4 types of medals awarded in VS matches: "VS Medal", "1 Car Outrun Medal", "2 Cars Outrun Medal", and "3 Cars Outrun Medal".

VS Medals obtainable in a single battle

Race results 4-player race 3-player race 2-player race
1st 3 Cars Outrun Medal 2 Cars Outrun Medal 1 Car Outrun Medal
2nd 2 Cars Outrun Medal 1 Car Outrun Medal VS Medal
3rd 1 Car Outrun Medal VS Medal
4th VS Medal

(Rank increases vary with the type of medals accumulated.)

Strength aura

You will acquire Aura Motifs as your VS Ranking rises. You can continue to collect Aura Motifs and since you can change them at the terminal, you can put on your favorite Motifs regardless of your rank! (Aura Motifs can be turned ON or OFF at the terminal.)

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The VS Rankings and corresponding auras are as follows.

1st Grade Hawk
2nd Grade Snake
3rd Grade Pitbull
4thGrade Panther
5thGrade Bull
6thGrade Gorilla
7thGrade Wolf
8thGrade Mammoth
9thGrade Panda
10thGrade Lion

* For each VS Ranking, there exists the 3 grades of VS: 1st Grade, 1st Grade Ace, and 1st Grade Pro.

Outrun Stars

You will earn Outrun Stars depending on the results of the race.


Outrun Stars that can be earned per race

Race results 4-player race 3-player race 2-player race
1st ☆☆☆ ☆☆
2nd ☆☆ N/A
3rd N/A
4th N/A

Wins and Remain

The player that won 1st place can play one more game as a survivor of the previous race. ("Game Mode Selection" screen will be displayed.)

VS Player Free Continue tickets

Using 1 ticket allows players to continue in VS Player for free one time.
You can obtain 1 ticket the first time you perform full tuning on a car in Story Mode.