Transferring Car Data

How to Transfer Player Data

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    Transfers can be performed at a Terminal Unit or Driver Units.

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    Select Transfer at the Data Transfer screen

    Select "No" to play without using a card

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    Transfer complete.

    ・Non-WANGAN MIDNIGHT MAXIMUM TUNE 5DX PLUS cards cannot be transferred.

About Transferred Data

Data transferable without any changes

・Name/Type/Body color (except certain models)


・Level (SSSS Class will become SSSS Class Level 9)

・Tuning (STEP format cars will become HP format cars)

・Local Arcade VS records (Outrun Stars and VS Medals)

・VS Grade/Strength Aura

・Stamp/Terminal backgrounds

・Name Plates

・Discarded Vehicle Cards (number owned and unused amount)
(The normal maximum is 5 cards, but including unused cards, you can have up to 6 only when transferring)

・Various settings

Data transferable with changes

・If Story Mode Episode 60 has been cleared, Story Mode will begin from the new Episode 61.
(Number of laps will not change.)

・Ghost Battle record
("X Races Y Wins" becomes "Total Y Wins")

Non-transferable data

・Maxi G/Shop Grade
(Will be converted into items fitting total Maxi G acquired)

・Dress-up Parts (Some Aero parts omitted)/Dress-up Status

・Japan Challenge progress and acquired items

・Ghost battle trophies
(Number of trophies will be transfered, but you will be unable to acquire more from 6 on)

・Ghost battle trophy backgrounds

・Custom Frame

・Team (Name will be transferred to Window Stickers)

Other features have been reset to default.

*See untransferrable Aero Parts set

* If one card includes data from both "Indonesia" and "Asia (others)," cars shared between both versions will be transferred.
Total MAXI G and Discarded Vehicle Cards wil be added up. (Max six Discarded Vehicle Cards.)

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Car Details

The addition of new makers means some cars will be changed to a corresponding Porsche model.
(The original car's Dress-up Parts and current Dress-up status will not be transferred.)

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Cars that used to display "STEP" will now display "HP."

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Ghost Battle Details

You will not receive trophies for Multi-Ghost VS Battles. Instead you will receive plates with the country and region of any ghosts you beat. View past trophies acquired on the car data screen.
(You cannot obtain new ones.)


*There will no longer be a JAPAN CHALLENGE.

In addition, MAXI G and the Maxi Shop will be retired.
Acquired Dress-up Parts will be reset, except for some Aero Parts.


When transferring data, any MAXI G obtained will be traded for an item.
(You can also get items that require less MAXI G than the amount you have.)


*View current MAXI G obtained on the 5DX+ play data screen (four pages total).