Transferring Car Data

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    You can continue using the same Bandai Namco Passport from Maximum Tune 5.

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    Touch your Bandai Namco Passport.

    Transfers can be performed at a Terminal Unit or Driver Units.

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    Transfer complete.

    ・Non-Maximum Tune 5 cards cannot be transferred.

About Transferred Data

・The data that will be transferred from Maximum Tune 5 data will be the data on the launch day of Maximum Tune 5DX Plus on January 12, 2022.

・If the transfer is performed after January 12, 2022, the Maximum Tune 5 data that was available on January 12, 2022 will still be used.

・You can keep playing Maximum Tune 5 with the same Bandai Namco Passport after the transfer, but any changes after January 12, 2022 will not transfer over to Maximum Tune 5DX Plus.


Data transferred as is

・Name/Type/Body color/Mileage/Level

・Tuning/Dress-up Parts

・Story Mode progress

・VS record(Number of Outrun Stars/VS Medals)

・VS Grade/Strength Aura

・Online Ghost VS Battle record(Number of Ghost Battle Trophies)

・Name plate

・Discarded vehicle card (number owned and amount unused)


・Various settings

Data not transferred as is

・Japan Challenge progress(As this has undergone a renewal,everyone will begin again from block 1.)

・Maximum Tune 4 music tracks (new story mode bonus)

Any data not listed here has been reset.