Course Description

Course Description

VS Player and free Branching System Guide

In VS Player mode, there is a "Free Branching System". The car that reaches the branching point first can decide whether the race will continue to the left or to the right. Here is an introduction to the branches you can select at each junction.

C1 Area

An this course, big and small corners seem to appear from between the characteristic buildings such as buildings in Shiodome.

New Belt Line Area

This area is highly recommended if you want to enjoy Wangan World's "Battle in Ultrahigh Speed Area".
Not only does this course have straight lines and high speed corners, but there is a good balance in the intervals between the technical corners.

Sub-center(Shibuya/Shinjuku) Area

Passing through the Shibuya/Shinjuku area, this is a well-balanced course that has a good mixture of both straight stretches and areas with twists and turns.

Sub-center(Ikebukuro) Area

Including a section with a number of chicanes, this course passes through the lengthy Yamate Tunnel and makes a full round skirting the Shinjuku and Ikebukuro areas.

Wangan Area

An ultra long straight street with wide lanes for tens of kilometers!
Sharp judgment and true power are required to defeat jostling official cars on the road.

Yokohane Area

An area in Kanagawa which requires toughness and high speed.
Gentle corners appear rhythmically.

Yaesu Area

Passing high over C1, going through narrow groups of buildings and underground passages, this is a tight, technical area. There are many tricky traps such as toll gates and more!

Yokohama Area

An area in Kanagawa which requires toughness and high speed.
Gentle corners appear rhythmically.

Nagoya Area

his high-speed course, with its characteristic undulating road and big hills and troughs, runs clockwise round the heart of Nagoya City.

Osaka Area

A high-speed technical course in the Osaka urban area.
Unique corners are connected by long straight lines.

Kobe Area

A challenging high-speed route, this course weaves a tricky trail through the famous scenery of the port city Kobe.

Hiroshima Area

A main expressway that winds its way round the outskirts and inner city areas of Hiroshima.

Fukuoka Area

An exhilarating high-speed zone course which provides a variety of landscapes. Run through ups and downs while undulating left and right at a fast speed.

Hakone Area

Low-speed corners appear sequentially from between mountains with big height differences.
This is a thrilling technical course.

Hakone(Mt.Taikan) Area

You’ll encounter challenging technical areas, with a barrage of typical mountainous-area corners showing up in high-speed ranges.

Metro Hwy (Tokyo)

An ultra long course that uses all the metropolitan Expressways in Tokyo area.
You may have to run through the districts you have never seen.

Metro Hwy (Kanagawa)

An ultra long, ultra high-speed course that consists of only high-speed areas such as the Yokohane Line and Wangan Line!