Scratch Rules and Advice

How to Scratch

- Play the arcade game three times to receive one scratch card.

- Leftover plays will reset at 3:00AM(JST).

- You can hold a maximum of 999 scratch cards, and there is no expiration date for these within Wangan Maxi 6RR.

*Times you play without a BANAPASSPORT CARD are not counted.

*Scratch rewards are received according to your BANAPASSPORT CARD and can only be received using the same card.

Item Expiration

- All of your Car Pieces will reset on the first of every month at 0:00 AM(JST).

- Your Wangan Navigator item box can hold items for 180 days (4,320 hours since acquired). You can hold a maximum of 200 items.

- Select "Send to Arcade" from Wangan Navigator and the items will appear under "Accept Special Items" at the Wangan Terminal. The time period to accept the items will be set once again.
The time limit to accept items from the "Accept Special Items" option is 180 days (4,320 hours since sent). There is no limit to the number of items that can be held.

*In either state, items will disappear after 4,320 hours have passed. Make sure to select "Send to Arcade" and "Accept Special Items" before their time limits have passed.

Monthly Item Availability

All items except for stamps and Car Pieces will be changed at 0:00 AM(JST) on the first of every month.

Receiving Items

- All items that you have sent to the arcade can be seen at a Wangan Terminal via the "Accept Special Items" option.

- Regarding the time limit for accepting items, please see the Item Expiration section for further information.