Game Description

What is a Level and Title

In Wangan Maxi, players can get a "Level" corresponding to their progress and a "Title" corresponding to their gaming style.Your "Level" and "Title" will be displayed onscreen during the game.

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During the game, a car's level will go up if certain conditions are met.
Starting from N, levels progress one at a time from C9 to C8 up to C1, then from B9 to B8 up to B1, and so on.



You can obtain various titles by meeting certain conditions during the game.
When you get a new title, you can choose YES (update title) or NO (don't update)


Daily Title

Pressing the View Change button while on the car data confirmed display screen 9 times or more to cycle through a car's data allows you to obtain the daily title of that day and year.
The content changes for both odd- and even-numbered years.
For each day, there are 6 types of titles, and the daily title you can obtain each time you complete a car data confirmed cycle will change in the order of A, B, C, D, E, F, A, and so on.

(Ex:) Daily title for December 31th in an odd-numbered year
A Count down!
B Kohaku Uta Gassen
C See you next year
D Thanx for this Year
E New Year's Eve Maxi
F TV is Good at the End of the Year
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