Game Description

VS Trial Race

With just one BANAPASSPORT Card, you can play with friends who do not have a BANAPASSPORT Card at the same horsepower.

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* Your friend's car will have the same horsepower as the car you use, but the horsepower settings for your friend will automatically be adjusted to emphasize handling, and the transmission will be set to AT.

* The results for the inviting player be saved on the card as usual.

* When playing VS Trial matches, Wins and Remain will automatically be turned off.

* If you start a VS Trial race while there is a normal player who is in a VS Player race or is accepting them, it will become a VS Player race with everyone.
Normal players can also join in during the VS Trial race.
Normal players who do not use VS Trial will have Wins and Remain applied.

How to play VS Trial games

1.Touch with your card before you insert a coin

*Please be aware that it will become a regular game you insert a coin first.

2. Then touch each of your friend's driver units with your card

3. Once you have touched your card on each unit, insert a coin in each one

4. Once everyone has put in a coin, hold down the GAS to cut off entries.

5. Select a car from your card, then start the race once your friends have selected new cars!

*In VS Trial, the inviting player selects the course as well as selecting the morning/night settings.