Transferring Car Data

How to Transfer Player Data

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    Transfers can be performed at a Terminal Unit or Driver Units.

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    Select Transfer at the Data Transfer screen

    Select "No" to play without using a card

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    Transfer complete.

    - All car data is transferred at once.

    - Cards transferred to Wangan Maxi 6RR can no longer be used to play Wangan Maxi 6.

    - Cards other than for Wangan Maxi 6 cannot be transferred over.

About Transferred Data

Data Unchanged in Transfer

- Car name/model/body color

- Mileage

- Level: SSSSS Class will become SSSSS9 Class.

- Tuning

- Story Mode progress

- Ghost Match Record (Wins)

- VS Record (Outrun Stars, VS Medals)

- Stamps/Terminal Background

- Name Plates

- Terminal Scratch-off

- Settings

Data Updated in Transfer

- Appearance (Some cars with certain modded wheels may have their wheels reset to their original design.)

- Dress-up Parts (Since point requirements have been lowered, new parts will be added based on your point total.)
(Some wheels will be replaced.)

- Ghost Battle Trophies (Wins from the previous version will be added.)

- VS Grade/Strength Aura (Due to the new VS Grade and strength auras, your VS Grade may increase based on your VS Medals.)

- Discarded Vehicle Cards (Now transfer up to 5.)

Data Not Transferred

- VS Player Free Continue Tickets

- Fully Tuned Build Tickets (*Fully-Tuned Build Ticket pieces will be transferred.)

Other features have been reset to default.

Return of all Aero Parts sets!

Aero parts which existed up to 5DX PLUS, did not appear in Wangan Maxi 6, but now they are finally coming back in 6RR!
All of the old Aero parts will be back!

Please check here regarding applicable car models and Aero parts.

* Both "Aero Parts Set B" and "Aero Parts Set C" will come back as "Aero Parts Set H" in 6RR.

* The "Aero Parts Set H" from Wangan Maxi 6 will change names to "Aero Parts Set I," the name of "Aero Parts Set I" from Wangan Maxi 6 will be changed to "Aero Parts Set J," and so on. Every name will shift down one letter.

* If you have fulfilled the following conditions, the corresponding parts will be added at the point of transfer:

- You made an applicable model in 5DX PLUS or earlier.

- You created an applicable model in Wangan Maxi 6 and fulfilled the conditions for obtaining "Aero Parts Set H", which is to reach dress-up level 35.

Due to the reduction of points needed to level up, the dress-up levels will change

The points required to increase the dress-up level will be reduced, making it easier to achieve higher levels.

* When you transfer, your dress-up level will automatically increase in 6RR based on the total points you have earned up to that point. A number of dress-up parts appropriate for your increase in level will be granted (The parts obtained can be checked in the Wangan Terminal under the part replacement menu).

* If you have already reached level 67 in Wangan Maxi 6, you will transfer over staying at level 67.

Return of the Ghost Battle Trophy

Ghost Battle Trophies, which were in the game up to Wangan Maxi 5DX PLUS, will return.

* The number of trophies will be calculated by taking the number obtained up to 5DX PLUS, and then adding the number of ghosts defeated in Wangan Maxi 6.

* With this return, Ghost Battle Plates will be discontinued.