Game Description

What is a Online Ghost Versus Battle Mode?

Online Ghost Versus Battle Mode is a mode where you use your "ghost" to race.
A ghost is created by an actual player racing in Ghost Versus Battle Mode. The ghost memorizes the player's driving style and mimics it.The "ghost" is not really a ghost—it has a material form so you can run into it during the race.
Since it reflects the player's skill and driving style, you can enjoy the experience of racing an actual player.

*You cannot play the Online Ghost Versus Battle Mode if you are not using a BANAPASSPORT Card.

Dress-up parts

When playing an Online Ghost Versus Battle, the gauge for Dress-up Level will build depending on the results of the race, and when the gauge has been sufficiently built up, you can obtain dress-up parts.

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Dress-up parts can include parts, such as aero sets and wheels, which you can use to customize your car's appearance as you like.

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*Dress-up parts do not affect a car's performance when racing.

*Some car models will not be able to obtain and swap dress-up parts.


Regardless of whether or not the challenging opponent beats your ghost or not, a stamp will be delivered to you as proof of the battle, and when you challenge that opponent’s ghost, you’ll be able to acquire the delivered stamp.
When you come in first in the race, you will receive 1 bonus stamp.
Stamps can be stored on your stamp sheet, and once you earn a certain amount, you can obtain a title or new stamp design.
Conversely, if you challenge another player's ghost, you will send a stamp to your opponent.

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You can make use of the stamps you've won under View Car Data at a terminal unit.

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If a person you've sent a stamp returns a stamp to you, this creates x1 shuttle.
Depending on the number of times and people a shuttle is completed with, you can obtain titles and terminal backgrounds.

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*The terminal background can be changed through the option My Garage > (choose a car) >Change Background.

Ghost Battle Trophy

If you win a race in the Online Ghost Versus Battle Mode you can earn a Ghost Battle Trophy.
Fill out certain conditions when you win and you will earn more rewards than usual.

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Choosing an Opponent (Ghost)

Bingo Challenge

Defeat ghosts that hold bingo card numbers to aim for a bingo. You can also work together with your friends to get bingos.

*More information on the Bingo Challenge can be found here.

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VS Recommended Opponent

When playing in Local, Away, or Same Make matches, you can race opponents under specified conditions that are at the same horse power. This mode is recommended for when you want to easily race various opponents. The driving area as well as other conditions can also be changed.

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Free Search

There are six ways you can search for ghosts.

- Level Search: Search for opponents by level. In addition, you can also challenge the fastest ghost for each course that holds the Venue Crown. If you defeat the ghost that hold the Venue Crown, you will take it from them.

- Search by Name: Enter the name of the ghost you would like to challenge.

- Search by Country/Region: Search for ghosts by various regions/countries.

- Search In-Store: Search for ghosts that have played in the same venue as you.

- Select a Previous Opponent: Challenge ghosts you have raced recently.

- Choose from Registered Opponents: Select ghosts that you have registered at a Wangan Terminal or on Wangan Navigator.

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Return Stamp to Friend

You can pick ghosts that your friends have sent stamps to from challenging them. Stamps that have been returned to a friend will enter the Returned Stamps list. You can still challenge them after their stamp has been returned.

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About Number of Competitors

At first, your ghost battles will start from 1v1 matches, but as you increase your ghost battle wins, they will upgrade gradually from 1v1 to 1v2 to 1v3.

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You do not need to pick the maximum number of opponents every time you race. For example, after you are able to create 1v2 matches, you can still create 1v1 matches. When selecting your opponents, press the VIEW CHANGE button and you will start a match with the current number of opponents selected.

*The Venue Crown is settled by a 1 VS 1 battle.