Game Description

Bingo Challenge

Get new bingo cards daily and fill them out by winning ghost races.
You can fill out bingos with your friends even if you have a difference in horse power.

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Play the Bingo Challenge and receive the Bingo Challenge card of the day. The card numbers change every day. However, the card numbers are the same for every player for that day.

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Bingo cards have two types of spaces: yellow and blue. Ghost opponents will each have a yellow or blue bingo ball used to fill a bingo card.

Before racing you will not be able to see the number of the bingo ball your opponent holds. If you win the race, you will receive the bingo ball, who's number will be filled out on your bingo card.

If you need yellow spaces filled in order to get a bingo, you should race opponents that have yellow bingo balls. Currently, your ghost opponent will become the same horsepower as you.

*You can change the driving area to your liking on the far right of the screen where the opponents are lined up.

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If you get a bingo in any direction (horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, any five in a row) you will receive items.
If you get three bingos, you will have completed the Bingo Challenge for that day. Please play again on the next day to get a new bingo card.

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You can combine your bingo cards with other players at a terminal. If you combine your bingo cards, all of the spaces filled will be shared between your cards. This way you can get bingos even faster than when doing it alone.

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After you have combined bingo cards and continue to fill out numbers, you will need to combine them again in order to share your progress.
If you want to improve your chances at getting a bingo, play and fill out numbers on your bingo cards as you combine, then decide how you will divide the workload as you continue to play.

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*In order to combine, you must play the Bingo Challenge once and have received the bingo card of that day. You cannot combine if you are not holding the bingo card of that day.

*You can only combine with up to 9 other players at a time, but there is no limit to the amount times you can combine. You can combine with as many players as possible as long as it is the same bingo card for that day.

Lucky Chance

When you play the Bingo Challenge, a Lucky Chance will occasionally occur. This will allow you to see the numbers of the opponent's bingo balls before racing them. The number of bingo balls that you will be able to see is random.

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Available Items

For each bingo line you clear, you will receive an item, such as titles, dated license plates, and custom frames patterns that change every day (Dated license plates will be that day's date). You can get items from a terminal in the Bingo Challenge menu.

  • 1

    1 Bingo:
    Daily title

  • 2

    2 Bingos:
    Date number plate

  • 3

    3 Bingos:
    Custom frame

*Daily titles and number plates loop every year. Custom frames loop every 6 months.

*Items shown in the image will differ from that day's assortment of available items.