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Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 6RR New Features

GT-R50 by Italdesign joins the race!

A collaboration model between Nissan and Italdesign,
of which there are only 50 of in the world!

The first R35-series car that can be dressed up!

  • image

Read the special Future Lab News article on the GT-R50 by Italdesign here.

Bingo Challenges added!

A new mode for Ghost battles is coming!
Win against ghosts and aim for a bingo!

  • image
  • image

Combine your bingo cards with your friend at a terminal!
The ghost opponents will also match your horse power, so even if you have a difference in horse power with your friends, you can work together to earn bingos!

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Bingo cards change each day!
Each day you can obtain three types of items!

  • 1

    1 Bingo:
    Daily title

  • 2

    2 Bingos:
    Date number plate

  • 3

    3 Bingo:
    Custom frame

*Daily titles and number plates loop every year. Custom frames loop every 6 months.

*Items shown in the image will differ from that day's assortment of available items.

Learn more about the Bingo Challenge here.
Read the Future Lab News article about the Bingo Challengehere.

The Wangan Tournament added!

Compete in new online Versus Ghosts matches
and compete for your venue to be number 1!

  • image
  • image

*Images from a build that is under development

There are four rounds in the Wangan Tournament!

Join your fellow racers at the same venue, work together to climb the ranks, and help your venue reach the championship!

Regional Qualifiers Round 1/Round 2

Three venues battle it out in each block.
The top two venues in terms of distance over the target ghosts go through to the next round!
Participation rewards
  • Stamps(Round 1)
  • Stamps(Round 2)

Regional Finals

Winners then compete inside their region!!
The fastest ghost between all venues will become the #1 target, and the store with the racer in first place at the end of the last day will go on to the championship!!
Participation rewards


The winning venues in each region go all out!
The fastest ghost between all venues will become the #1 target, and the venue with the racer in first place at the end of the last day will be the champion!
Participation rewards

*Stamps and nameplates will be designs specific to each Wangan Tournament.

MVP Items

In each round, the most active player will be granted an MVP item!
Make this item yours while helping your venue win!

Race meter with the store name

The 1st place venue's participants will get a gold meter,2nd place venue's participant wills get a silver meter. These will have your venue's name on them!

These will be the proof that you fought for your venue!

After the event ends, it's time for the After-hours Festival!

After the championship, take a trip to the "Regional Rep" venue for your region! During the After-hours Festival period, anyone can obtain special After-hours Festival items!

  • Special title

  • Custom markers

Read the Future Lab News article about the Wangan Tournament here.

Increasing the Max Level!

*SSSSS Class players will start from SSSSS9 Class once transferred over.

Increasing the VS Grade Max Level!

*10th Grade Pro players will start from a grade dependent on the VS medals they possess once transferred over.

WORK Brand Wheels!

*These will replace some older wheels

New BGMs!

A major Japanese music composer, crucial to the Wangan Maxi Series! Added 5 songs by Yuzo Koshiro!

Comments from Mr. Yuzo Koshiro

Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune's music has Trance and Techno roots all this time.
I have been trying to explore new genres out of the dance music on every update as well as keeping the roots.
I know upbeat songs are essential for racing games, and Wangan music also requires unique world-building that the original manga characters and scenarios bring to the music.

For Wangan 6RR, Bandai Namco asked me to create a new dance/club music style which we had never gotten in the series as we already had enough Trance and Techno tracks.
So I chose genres like Russian Hard Bass, Progressive House, Synth Wave, and Future Funk.
It was a bit challenging to adapt those to the Wangan music but worth a lot doing it.

"Starry Night" sung by SAK. got full of live instruments to create the legit early 80's Japanese pop song that is one of the genres I've wanted to have a crack at, and remixed it as Future Funk, that is a popular genre among certain club music fans.
That's the authentic way to make this genre which dared to take time to get true sound.
This song has both English and Japanese lyrics, and I used English to match the game for the remix.

Another significant challenge is "Coming to You," which is Progressive House with an R&B style vocal by Jeff Washburn.
I'd say it also will bring fresh air to the series.
One of my beliefs about Wangan music is how emotional it is rather than the faster the BPM, the better.
This song will tell you a part of Wangan Midnight's story's feelings in its own right.

VS Trial Race!

Race a friend in a race
at the same HP with only one BANAPASSPORT CARD!

Play by tapping your card before inserting any coins.

Navi Scratch-off on Wangan Navigator!

Get awesome items from Wangan Navigator.

For each time you play a certain number of times, you can do a Scratch-off from Wangan Navigator and get various items.
You will always get something from each Scratch-off, no misses!

*Your play count will reset every day.

New items will be rotated monthly!

The info for each new feature on Future Lab News can be found here.

Limited Edition Car Events!

  • image

*The color of the car will be randomly selected from 8 colors.

Collect all 8 colors and receive a
limited edition race meter


Drivetrain FR
Transmission 8 speed
Horsepower (initial state) 340 horsepower
Engine 3.0 liter inline-6 turbo

The 5th generation Supra, back for the first time in 17 years.
On top of a traditional FR straight-six engine,
it goes all out on sports performance by including a short wheelbase,
aiming for the golden ratio, a flexible and highly responsive chassis,
and an active differential that is stable going fast while moving the way you want it to.

  • image

*The color of the car will be randomly selected from 7 colors.

Collect all 7 colors and receive a
limited edition race meter


Drivetrain 4WD
Transmission 8 speed
Horsepower (initial state) 510 horsepower (from 300 horsepower in the game)
Engine 3.0 liter inline-6 turbo

The M4 features a vertical kidney grill with enlarged opening,
with the high-powered Competition boasting a 510ps engine.
Revel in the dynamic potential brought out
by the combination of the 4WD M xDrive and 8-speed M Steptronic transmission.

Read the special Future Lab News article on the Limited-Edition Car Event here.

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